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About Souvenirstation

Welcome to Souvenirstation.com, our company is ElifeStore Limited and we were established in 2004 as an online retailer focused on clients in Asia and Europe. Through the years we have added many products to our website consisting of lifestyle goods, travel accessories, electronics and gadgets and sports and outdoor accessories ad apparels.

In early 2013, we established our corporate gifts business and have picked the best products in each category to meet our client’s needs. These items are truly up to date and are manufactured using top quality materials. By leveraging off of our years of experience with handling logistics globally and dealing with end clients, we have establish a strong track record for being reliable, on time and customer focused.

Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong and we have a branch office in Singapore to handle all clients facing matters. Also we have a warehouse in Hong Kong and sourcing office in Shenzhen. We provide a full service for our clients from brain storing an idea to delivering the final product into our client’s hands. We work very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our clients are getting good quality products at a reasonable price. Aside from this, we also handle our client’s logistic needs from taking the product from the factory to delivering them to your hands. We can even provide warehousing services so you don’t have to worry about keeping the stock at your office. We store the items at our warehouse and deliver them to your door steps if and when you require.

Through the years we have added many product offering. Today we offer over 500 items to choose from and have worked with various clients include MNCs, financial industry, education organization and SMEs. Essentially we can provide a tailored service for you so don’t assume you are limited to what the product offerings on our website.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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